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For companies, institutions and individuals who wish to produce algae or have algae produced for them we offer our facilities for their use.  The infrastructure is in place with both high and medium Intensity production ponds supplied with 12” water; 8” air (CO2) and 3 phase, 480 volt electricity.   Our existing aquaculture employees can have your project up in weeks instead of years.  If you are interested in producing algae, talk to us.


We have pioneered aquaculture and algae production for the last 27 years. Setting records in Shrimp production and pioneering desert algae production plus we have developed processes for Carbon Negative Fuels and Carbon Modification Centers (CMCs) that creates synergy between agriculture, aquaculture and other existing technologies.

Today we have associations with some of the best minds of aquaculture and have developed our concept of algae farming in association with what we call Carbon Modification Centers. This concept is of establishing CMCs dispersed across the country side allowing local algae production and the use of nearby agricultural waste material to produce food, fuel, fertilizer and feeds.

This concept has the potential to revolutionize rural areas and have the following beneficial results:

  • Potentially double the world’s food production
  • To be humanity’s tool to control the Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and be part of the cure for global climate change.
  • The production of several types of fuel and energy.
  • Help solve America’s dependence on foreign oil which will in turn help solve America’s trade imbalance.
  • Help save the oceans from over fishing and exploitation.
  • Have significant beneficial economic effects to rural areas in America and the world.


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